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NEW FAQs coming SOON!

  • When is “the Hunt” and what does it cost to join?
    It’s FREE in 2023….yes, free. Your free registration includes two separate treasure hunts: the Armchair Hunt and Boots on the Ground Hunt (BOTG). Enjoy only one, or hunt in BOTH! The Armchair Hunt . . . is all online. Clues are fairly easy and it’s a great way to sharpen your skills for the BOTG Hunt. Hunt from the comfort of home, in the doctor’s waiting room, your office . . . wherever you take your device. Thurs. Nov. 2nd all 4 clues will be emailed at 6 p.m. This hunt is on-going for the next 48 hours. Ends Sat. Nov. 4th at 6 p.m. The Boots on the Ground Hunt . . . has hunters solve clues, then go outside to search for a little box hidden in Warren County, Ohio. Tues. Oct 31st and Wed. Nov. 1st a large part of Clue 1 is available at ‘Hunt Host’ “gathering holes” around Warren County – see front page for a list of the fun places to gather with fellow hunters and get a head start in the BOTG Hunt! Fri. Nov. 3rd Clue 1 in its entirety emailed to all hunters at 5 p.m. Sat. Nov. 4th Additional clues released 9:00 a.m., 9:30 a.m., and 10:00 a.m. Hunters use the solutions to find the box. Check-in station closes at 4 p.m.
  • How is The Hunt For Good able to give away cash and prizes?
    We count on generous donations. In lieu of a registration fee, we would greatly appreciate a donation from you and all the adults hunting with you! We can't continue to provide this fun-filled community event without funding. We can’t continue providing hunts without donations and fun-loving, generous people who donate to our nonprofit. The Hunt for Good is designed to help people develop relationships, become part of our active and creative community, learn and appreciate local history, and financially support the wonderful non-profits serving our area. Thank you for your interest and support! The Hunt For Good is a 501(c)3 organization registered in the State of Ohio. EIN # 92-3713948 Please invest in our work by making a donation – click the Donate/Sponsor tab in the header.
  • Can my family and friends join me in the hunt?
    Absolutely! Teams are fun and more successful. The more registered hunters on your team, the more chances to win. So, it just makes sense for EVERY adult to register – and it’s FREE this year. This is a fundraiser for local non-profits. These groups count on donations to help make our community safe, healthy, and a great place to live, so please also consider making a donation by clicking the Donate tab in the header. Thank you!
  • How can I increase my chances to win?
    You MUST register to win! Here’s a great tip . . . . Get a jump on other hunters! Clue 1 for the Boots on the Ground Hunt will be available at the Hunt Host locations from 5 - 8 p.m. on Oct. 31st and Nov. 1st. A written paper clue will be there waiting for you. It’s the same clue either night. The more people you have registered on your team, the better your chances to win because . . . Only Registered Hunters can win or be in the drawing for a key, and a Registered Hunter can win only one of the two hunts. The more registered hunters on your team, the more chances to win. So, it just makes sense for EVERY adult to register – and it’s FREE this year.
  • Is The Hunt For Good suitable for children?
    Children age 12 and over will enjoy participating with a parent or teacher. Registered hunters must be 18+ years or older, so an adult must register in order for minors to hunt.
  • How do I get the clues?
    Clues are documents that are released on our website to registered hunters when the Armchair Hunt begins Thursday, Nov. 2nd at 6 p.m. then throughout the hunt. Most of the BOTG clue 1 will be available in hardcopy on Oct. 31 and Nov 1 at five Hunt Host locations. After you register, you will receive a welcome email with the details, tips, and a list of things you’ll need to have “at the ready.” Typically, clues are void of fancy colored graphics, so if you chose to print them, it won’t drain your printer ink. Normally, clues can be solved without printing them.
  • How hard are the clues?
    The creation and testing of the clues is a labor of love. The clues are similar to those created in 2021 and 2022, and although hunters found them challenging, they agreed that the clues were fun and doable. Teams were especially successful. A group has a variety of skills and experiences. So, team-up!
  • If I win a key do get a cash award?
    Eight keys will be awarded to seven individuals. One of those keys will open a treasure chest containing $1,000 cash. another contains an iPad Mini or $300 (your choice), and the third chest contains $100 and passes to the Countryside YMCA in Lebanon. Every key opens a treasure chest. All awards are donated to The Hunt for Good to make this event possible. In lieu of a registration fee, please make a donation too! Our donation button is at the bottom of the Home page. Thank you.
  • How do I win a key to a treasure chest?
    Armchair Hunt (online) – 3 keys awarded. 1 key To first Registered Hunter (RH) who solves the online hunt, and . . . 2 keys All additional RHs who solve the online hunt before 6 p.m. Nov. 4th are put into a drawing for a chance to win a key. Two will be awarded 1 key each. Boots on the Ground (physical) Hunt - 5 keys awarded. 2 keys Awarded to the first who finds the little wooden box, arrives at the check-in station by 4 p.m. on Nov. 4th, and is verified as official winner. and . . . 3 keys Fourteen additional Registered Hunters* who find the box and check in by 4 p.m. are put into a drawing for a chance to win a key. Three registered hunters will receive one key each.
  • Is the treasure hunt over once the hidden item is found in the Armchair Hunt and when the little box is found in the BOTG hunt?
    The hunt continues - even if you’re NOT first place, you can still win a key in a drawing! You don’t have to be first to win.
  • When does the hunt end?
    Unless something unexpected happens, winners of hunts and keys will be announced Saturday, November 4th after 6 p.m. – likely on our Facebook page.
  • When and how are the treasure chests opened?
    On Monday, November 6th at 6 pm there will be a “Treasure Chest Opening Event” at SAFE on Main, 420 E Main St, Lebanon, Ohio. Key winners will receive a personal invite with instructions, but everyone is welcome! Winners may also attend remotely, but that won’t be as much fun.
  • Are the hunts handicap accessible?
    Most of the clues can be solved without leaving your home. The Armchair Hunt requires no physical hunting at all and the Boots on the Ground (physical) hunt is a mixture of puzzle solving and traveling to locations to finalize the hunt solutions and locate the hidden box. If a member on your team can walk grassy hills, bend down, traverse a typical trail through a park, go up and down stairs, and do seven jumping jacks without collapsing, EVERYONE on your team can have a blast hunting.
  • I hate thinking that I might work on a clue, then never know if I got the right answer, or how close I was to the answer….
    We don’t like that either, so all Registered Hunters will be provided with a breakdown of the clue solutions after the event.
  • Where is the little wooden box hidden?
    Nice try, but we aren’t telling. We can say it’s hidden in a publicly accessible location in Warren County, Ohio. See official rules for more details. Happy Hunting!
  • Do I have to live in Warren County, Ohio to participate and/or win?
    Nope. Any adult U.S. citizen living anywhere can register, hunt, and win a key in either hunt. The Armchair Hunt is entirely online, so it’s possible to hunt from anywhere. The Boots on the Ground Hunt requires actual physical hunting, so registered hunters must be physically IN Warren County, Ohio to participate in the BOTG Hunt.
  • I want to HUNT! Is there anything else I should know?
    Anyone hunting without registering their own email address can hunt, but they are NOT registered and therefore they are not eligible to submit solutions in the Armchair Hunt or check in during the BOTG Hunt. Official Rules and the Terms & Conditions are on the website: Registered hunters must agree to these as part of the registration process. For all other questions please email the hunt coordinators at

We take your fun seriously...there are rules

All participants must register in order to submit answers and have a chance to win in either the Armchair or the Boots on the Ground Hunt. 


All participants must read and agree to abide by the Official Rules and the Terms of Agreement linked below.

In general: No structure, fence, wall, or any property needs to be altered or climbed to find the little treasure box in the BOTG Hunt.

. . . and follow them

. . . and agree to them

Rules & Terms
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