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Building relationships, encouraging team problem-solving, and giving back through community treasure huntsYour registration is a donation to charity. Net proceeds go to a local non-profit organization selected by our Board of Directors.

'Time Travel to Treasure' 
a treasure hunt for families with children ages 8-12
The adult $2,500
Boots on the Ground Hunt
Sep. 28, 2024 

Get a head start over other hunters!

The August Armchair Hunt solution will reveal a KEYWORD needed in the September 28th

Boots on the Ground Hunt.

Clue drops on August 28th to those who provide an extra $10 donation.

Registration is open Aug 14-Sep 25

Armchair hunter with cat and dog EXCITED

Provide us your email address and we'll alert you when registration opens!

The Hunt For Good gives ALL net profits to charity.  Your registration is a DONATION. We seek to inspire generous giving by coordinating and conducting treasure hunts.

Hunters in Training
tutorial clues

Available through August, 2024

Get a Head Start on Other BOTG Hunters!

Coming August 2024:
An Armchair Hunt that reveals a KEYWORD needed in the September 28, 2024 Boots on the Ground Hunt


$2,500 Boots on the Ground Hunt

Solve the clues to locate a little wooden box hidden in Warren County, Ohio. Win a key to a treasure chest containing cash!

Our annual physical hunt will be

Saturday, September 28, 2024

Warren County, Ohio


A kickoff clue drops Friday, Sep. 27th after 5 p.m. Additional clues drop early Sat. morning.


The Treasure Chest opening will also be on September 28th. Three treasure chests: five keys open the $100 chest, two keys open the $500 chest, and one key opens the chest containing $1,000.


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