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This is a LEVEL One - EASY hunt!  Treasure Hunt from the comfort of your home. Solve 3 fun clues to locate a "hidden" item online. First to solve gets $100 - all successful hunters put in a drawing for a key to a treasure chest containing cash.


Your $10 registration includes one 40-hour Armchair Hunt: Starts March 9th, 8 a.m.& ends March 10th, midnight.  Support The Hunt For Good's mission of giving to St Zachery's Haven and providing YOU fun. 

$100 Prize 40-Hour Armchair Hunt __________________March 9 & 10, 2024

  • A password will be emailed to you to access the Armchair Hunt Clues.  If you don’t get the email, check your spam folder! Do NOT use an email address from your work – many employers’ systems block what appears to be personal, nonwork related correspondence.

If you’d like to pay with a credit card, click ‘PayPal’ Box on the next screen, then click “Pay with Debit or Credit Card” at the bottom.

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