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Building relationships, encouraging team problem-solving, and giving back through community treasure huntsYour registration is a donation to charity. Net proceeds go to a local non-profit organization selected by our Board of Directors.

'Time Travel to Treasure' 
a treasure hunt for families with children ages 8-12
The adult $2,500
Boots on the Ground Hunt
Sep. 28, 2024 

Get a head start over other hunters!

The August Armchair Hunt solution will reveal a KEYWORD needed in the September 28th

Boots on the Ground Hunt.

(Designed for adults.)

Clue drops on August 28th to those who provide an extra $10 donation.

Registration is open Aug 14-Sep 25

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The Hunt For Good gives ALL net profits to charity.  Your registration is a DONATION. We seek to inspire generous giving by coordinating and conducting treasure hunts.

Hunters in Training
tutorial clues

Available through August, 2024

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